Purpose of Ethiopian National Digital Library: 

  • To accelerate the systematic development of: the means to collect, store, and organize information and knowledge in digital form; and of digital library collections in Ethiopian .
  • To promote the economical and efficient delivery of information to all sectors of Ethiopia
  • To strengthen communication and collaboration between and among the university, research institute, Enterprise, Policy Maker, and judicial organ.
  • To take a leadership role in East Africa on the generation and dissemination of knowledge in areas of strategic importance to Ethiopia.
  • To contribute to the lifelong learning opportunities of all Ethiopians.


Mission Statement

  • The national library strategy is dedicated to the production, maintenance, delivery, and preservation of a wide range of high-quality networked information resources for scholars and students and wide range of community in Ethiopia. The program supports efforts to provide open access to electronic information resources (books, patent information’s, researches, and journals articles) to Ethiopians.


  • Striving to become one of the best digital libraries in Africa by 2017 E.C.